Why Is The African Marine Waste Network Important?

Africa is the second most polluted continent. Costs of marine waste to Africa are estimated in the millions of dollars every year. The exact amount of waste entering the sea from the African continent remains unknown, but it is clear the rapid development of Africa has seen waste accumulation outpace management capacity. International organisations now fear Africa may soon become as badly polluted as Southeast Asia, the current holder of the worst pollution record on the planet.

Waste from Africa enters the sea and becomes part of the global environment. Thus, through the interconnectedness of our oceans, marine waste problems in Africa are part of the shared global waste problem. Global marine pollution is a detriment to the economy, human health, wildlife, the environment, and perpetuates climate change. Africa needs to play its part in this worldwide battle, while at the same time receiving international support from the rest of the world who share in this collective issue.