New Partnership with DPaPP

by May 23, 2017News0 comments

SST and the AMWN are excited to announce a new partnership with DPPAP.

Establishing the Network means starting right here on our very own coastline: East to West and beyond.
DPaPP is a campaign founded in the coastal city of Durban that takes aim at the scourge of pollution from plastic packaging and otherthrow-away waste that is affecting the health of society and countless other forms of life on theplanet.

The campaign is underpinned by the premise that the only way to succeed in creating a city free ofpollution is through multi stakeholder collaboration, or partnerships, where partners agree to sharedtargets, action plans and hold each other accountable through the journey towards achieving thesegoals.

DPaPP is working with a number of local NGOs, CSOs and businesses to design and implement projects that prevent and control plastic pollution, including Durban Green Corridors, Duzi-uMngeni Conservation Trust ,Trashback, #CleanBlueLagoon and Assignment Earth.

DPaPP wants to create a platform where businesses, community groups or concerned individuals can table their own innovative solutions, share skills and resources or collaborate around project initiatives. We hope the programme can build relationships, encourage innovation, leverage access to resources and build momentum of those working hard to create a circular, low-waste economy.

Find us at:

Twitter: DurbanPollution DPAP (@Clean_Durban)