PETCO launches the Communications Hub for AMWN

by Jun 7, 2017News0 comments

SST is proud to announce that PETCO is generously sponsoring the PETCO Communications Hub of the African Marine Waste Network (AMWN), which has just been launched.

In order for the Network to be impactful, there is a distinct need to network within and between countries, and for the Network to be the central hub for receiving and disseminating information, best practice, proof of concept and act as mechanism for keeping people abreast of developments. Good communications can change people’s behaviour, develop understanding and promote the ethic of caring which can spread to change the world for the better. .

Cheri Scholz, CEO of PETCO explained that PETCO, which is the industry body responsible for the end-of-life solutions for PET plastic in South Africa, is committed to ensuring PET recycling in South Africa. As such, PETCO believes that this partnership in communications has great potential to bring together key stakeholders in the waste value chain – converters, brand owners, recyclers and retailers – to jointly develop and implement plans to address the challenges presented by waste in the marine environment.

Dr Tony Ribbink of SST warmly thanked PETCO for their vision and generosity in providing core support. He says that PETCO has planted the seed which SST will carefully nurture through its early stages and then grow the hub so that communications will become the unifying essence of the network for the 38 coastal and Island states of Africa..

SST and Petco are pleased to welcome Lisa Cloete as the first communicator of the PETCO Communications Hub. Lisa walked into the SST office as a volunteer, immediately demonstrated her passion to help reduce the flow of plastic into the seas, showed a determination to play a role in fostering recycling, became dedicated to sharing ideas and promoting education and awareness.She was the obvious choice to lead communications and to grow the PETCO Communications Hub.