Partners & Sponsors

Corporate sponsors play an integral role in supporting the work that we do, and we reward our supporters with advertising opportunities, tax breaks and other incentives. By sponsoring SST and its projects, your company can make a difference to our oceans in the fields of environmental restoration, enterprise development, education and community initiatives. See below 

Primary sponsors


This country with 22 000kms of coastline is taking the world lead in driving ocean sustainability

The Norwegian government is investing billions in the oceans economy the world over – in the next four years (2018-2021), it will spend $200 million dollars to fight marine litter across the world. The blue economy is a major source of employment and value creation in the country, and the Norwegians recognise that the oceans need to protected and sustainable practices put in around its resources. The government has committed to taking the lead in driving ocean sustainability across the world. Norway has been a huge support to SST through its African Marine Waste Network project. 


This innovative company fulfils the SA plastics industry’s Extended Producer Responsibility role

PETCO’s dream is to have no PET plastic in the environment or in bins anywhere in South Africa – it would all be at recycling depots across the country being reprocessed into new and useful products, like t-shirts, duvets and brand new bottles. The organisation is an effort by South Africa’s PET plastics industry to self-regulate PET plastic recycling after it enters the consumer market – PETCO fulfills the industry’s role of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). It has been a strong support to our African Marine Waste Network’s communications hub, both in terms of finance but also adding to our knowledge base.



This association aims to advance marine and coastal sciences in the Western Indian Ocean region

The Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) promotes educational, scientific and technological development of all aspects of the marine sciences throughout the Western Indian Ocean region. Its goal is to sustain and conserve its marine resources. WIOMSA has a particular interest in linking research knowledge about the management and governance issues that affect the marine and coast ecosystems of the area.

other sponsors

Without public support, conservation and life-changing science, education and enterprise-development programmes cannot be run.If you value the oceans and coastlines of Africa, and care about the people whose livelihoods depend upon them, please donate now

SST is a registered international charitable trust (IT 2203/2006), Public Benefit Organisation (PBO No: 930022444) and Not-for-Profit Organisation (NPO No: 078-120-NPO). We are registered and administered by Nedgroup Trust and operate exclusively for charitable, scientific, educational, socio-economic and philanthropic purposes. Our funding comes primarily from governments, the corporate sector (including the plastics industry), multi-lateral donors, foundations and public donations.


If your company would like to donate to our programmes, you can benefit by receiving BEE points, please inform us and we’ll ensure your funds are directed towards BEE-approved activities.

Section 18A

Any individual or company that is a South African taxpayer is eligible for a tax rebate for donations to an NPO. Individuals are eligible to donate up to 10% of their taxable income and get a rebate on that. If a company donates R1 million or more, they can get a rebate on the whole amount.

SST will complete the section 18A receipt and give a copy to your company as the donor. You can then submit this to SARS with the rest of the company’s tax information.