Communication & Networking

The African Marine Waste Network focuses on marine pollution mitigation in Africa and is the first network of its kind on the continent. It aims to be an active platform for collaboration and resource- and knowledge-sharing within countries and across borders in Africa. The network functions through three primary tools: the website hub, and the Are You On The Map and African Youth Waste Network programmes.

The hub is focused on raising awareness and growing knowledge about the complex problem of plastics to various stakeholders, from government to civil society, with the ultimate goal of enabling them to start developing locally appropriate solutions to these problems. The Are You On the Map project is also a digital platform, and is a visual representation of stakeholders involved in mitigating plastic pollution according to categories, enabling them to connect, learn from each other, seek collaborative opportunities to solve locally specific problems and facilitate business development.

Are you on the map?

This project is part of creating a waste-related network across Africa of people and organisations that are working towards keeping our seas clean in whatever way they can.

African youth waste network

The youth of Africa represent more than 60% of the population on the continent. This network aims to connect and focus these young, innovative minds on finding solutions to Africa’s plastic-waste issues.

Dr Tony Ribbink, SST’s CEO, was speaking at the AMWN Communications and Networking Conference held in Port Elizabeth in October 2018. The AMWN is a project of SST.