Are you on the map

This is a cross disciplinary project encompassing research, education and communication to create a virtual map of Africa with three main aims:

1 To represent the known waste statistics for Africa, as well as the lack thereof. This will help to encourage further waste-related research, as well as reported waste statistics to centralised databases. These efforts will help develop more sophisticated waste models for Africa that can assist in influencing critical decision makers to develop and implement more effective mitigation strategies.

2 To represent data/information promoting Africa’s rich biodiversity to help educate and promote a positive attitude towards cleaning the Africa continent. Such data/information includes the biodiversity hotspots, the eco-regions, the protected areas and heritage sites of Africa.

3 To graphically represent the various members of the African Marine Waste Network (including contact information and  roles and responsibilities) and provide a means for new members to join by asking them ‘Are You on the Map?’ In doing so, this platform will act as a central hub of communication centred around the waste issues of Africa.