Research plays an essential role in informing the public and important decision makers, which is one of the main objectives of this project.

Microplastics are everywhere and, with the increasing plastic load into the environment, there is a growing concern about the effects of microplastic pollution on the environment and the consequent impacts on human health. Microplastics are small plastics less than 5 mm in size, such as:


SST, through the AMWN project, is investigating the presence of microplastic related pollutants in marine and riverine fauna.


For the proof of concept study, we selected a low trophic level marine invertebrate, as these species are common prey for predators in a higher trophic level (fish). 


For the roll-out phase into Africa, we hope to have a representative from each of the trophic levels to test for these pollutants. 

A volunteer pre-weighing a tube to ascertain its weigh

Pre-washing the equipment to avoid contamination.

Almost ready for shipment to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

We are distributing a survey to collect responses from the public on their views and understanding of plastic pollution and microplastics. Please take a moment to complete it. This survey will contribute to a long-term social study that will be incorporated into this project. Your input will help guide our strategies to manage marine plastic pollution.

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Plastic Pollution and Microplastics Survey

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