Mobile apps

In order to create a baseline for waste in Africa, a massive amount of field data is required to validate the results and/or adjust the parameters of a predictive model. Achieving this amount of field data throughout Africa would ordinarily prove too costly in terms of capacity, resources and time. However, in the age of technology, a new possibility is arising that would not only assist with collecting field data, but also promote citizen science: mobile applications.

This project aims to conduct a series of interlinking tests and analyses using existing mobile applications (able to record and report waste data from the environment) to determine which would prove capable of featuring in a citizen science initiative.

Such an initiative would rely on the general public to act as data collectors. Armed with the selected mobile application, they would collect valuable field data throughout Africa. During our feasibility period (2018) various reviews, studies (in office and out in the field), as well as questionnaires, were developed and implemented. The outcomes thereof, although limited in sample size, have begun yielding certain results. Further testing is required and will continue going forward.


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